The order of rendering of paid services

Administrator 6:49 2017
  • Paid services are provided at branches and offices of the hospital in accordance with the list of paid services, approved by the chief doctor of the hospital and are in addition to the guaranteed state volume of free medical care.

  • When calling for emergency department patients about the provision of paid services in person or by telephone (+375 212) 55-11-67, hospital officials figure out what kind of treatment or examination is required the patient, according to the location of offices or the Cabinet, name doctors are paid services.

  • Contract for providing paid services should be done in the accounting institution where the payment is made on the basis of the approved price list.

Price list for paid services Health Care Institution 'Vitebsk City Clinical Emergency Hospital' for foreign nationals

Services The cost , $
Clinical laboratory studies 3-58
Bacteriological Examination 5-35
Beam diagnostics (radiological examinations) 24-127
Beam diagnostics (computer tomography) 35-162
Obstetrics and gynecology (obstetrics, surgery) 85-143
Obstetrics and Gynecology (gynecological manipulations and procedures) 3-65
General surgical manipulation in the emergency station 4-26
Therapeutic and diagnostic reception traumatologist orthopedic doctor, doctor neurosurgeon 20
Traumatology and Orthopedics (operations) 50-490
Removal of metal constructions 77
Surgery on the abdominal organs and the thyroid gland 23-350
Pancreatoduodenectomy 927
Endoscopic diagnostic tests 10-68
Functional diagnostics. Ultrasound study 4-25
Physiotherapy 1-3
Performing massages mechanical action hands 1-3
Consulting physicians (therapeutic, surgical) 12-31

List of services and prices in a single file:

for non-citizens of Belarus - .doc (40 кб)

Prices of other services you are interested please call 8 (0212) 55-11-67 or email