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In December 1935, the newly postroennoem building opened Regional Clinical Hospital. XI Congress of Soviets of 275 beds. This hospital was the clinical base of the Vitebsk State Medical Institute (Hospital-medvuz). Were deployed to the faculty and hospital therapy clinics, faculty and hospital surgical clinics, clinic, ENT Diseases, Department of Pathology. It also opened a branch of the Republican Institute of Advanced Medical.


In 1939, hospital capacity expanded to 325 beds. Much effort and energy put into building and equipping hospitals first chief physician LA Vyazmensky. For the hospital was secured Gorodok district to provide emergency and routine counseling. This month visited several doctors to consult patients and carrying out complex operations. Doctors and scientists engaged in academic work of clinics, 8 of them defended their thesis.

In 1940 and spring of 1941, considerable work on the expansion and reconstruction of hospitals. During the occupation of Byelorussia hospital building was destroyed. After the liberation of the city of Vitebsk from the Nazi invaders in September 1944, the Regional Hospital deployed in the surviving building of the former maternity hospital. They worked in harsh conditions. In winter, frozen water in the wards, the staff worked in overalls, wearing a coat on top, not enough medical supplies and soft inventory. In these difficult circumstances the main Doctor R. A. Bogdanov managed to organize and rally the hospital staff for recovery has been crippled by the premises and the provision of medical care. Repair and rehabilitation facilities in the winter allowed by April 1945 to open surgical and therapeutic department of 60 beds. With the recovery of medical school-based therapeutic and surgical departments in 1948 created the Department of General therapy and surgery, and in 1949 the faculty of surgery and therapy.

Staffing the hospital medical personnel, an increase of their qualification allowed in early 1947 to organize a planned and emergency advice to the population field. In the departments of the hospital organized specialization and improvement of rural doctors, training and specialization of nurses.

Combining regional hospital with a central city clinic to them. Lenin in 1949 played a positive role in developing and improving the knowledge of clinics and local doctors. In 1950 he opened a neurological ward for 40 beds, eye 50, the ENT department of 30 beds. On the basis of each department to deploy the appropriate clinics Medical Institute.


In December 1954, the hospital gets new types of rooms, built on the ruins of the pre-war hospital. Great work on the new building and its landscaping had the chief doctors VD Tomilin and AF Kotovich along with the entire team of the hospital.

The introduction of hospital air ambulance station is allowed in 1955 is widely provide necessary emergency assistance to seriously ill in the most remote areas of the region. For 10 years, air ambulance transported 3,900 patients, delivered in the areas of - 5200 physicians, where they produced more than 700 complex operations.

To the reconstruction of the administrative building in 1956 with the translation there advice clinics provided an opportunity to expand hospital capacity by 1960 to 450 beds. At the same time went equipping hospitals with modern devices and equipment. In 1957, established oncological department, equipped with a cobalt gun and radioactive isotopes. Created anesthetic service.


In 1978 he built the building the maternity home. In 1982 the Regional Hospital moved into a new building, built in the village Nikropole, in the old areas of the former Regional Hospital opened the 3rd Clinical Hospital. Its first chief physician appointed VM Hares, primary nurse. - V.P. Golubev. In the period from 1982 to 1984, the reconstruction of the main building, built on the third floor.

On March 30, 1983 became the chief physician, VG Mikhalchenko. Travmotologicheskoe were opened, two surgical and anesthesia-resuscitation department. In 1985 he opened a hospital burn units and travmotologichesky item, re-obstetric case. Since 1986, the hospital has earned Gastroenterological Department, since 1987 - Pulmonology. In 1997 the hospital opened a neurological department.

Since 1993 he became head physician of the hospital, A.N. Molchanov.


In 2000, the 3rd Clinical Hospital was reorganized into Vitebsk municipal clinical hospital of emergency care. Open Urology and 2 Surgical Department. Division of Gastroenterology and Pulmonology reorganized the emergency department treatment. Chief physician appointed Lugovoi, the chief nurse - Rybalko.

In the period from 1982 to 2006, deputy chief physician at the medical unit were - VN Lecturers, VF Kashnikov, IV Hantimirov, SN Yaroshkin, IM Samsonov. Since 2006, the deputy chief physician at the medical unit assigned to Shevtsova.

In 2004-2006 he made grandiose reconstruction of the main building, built surgical unit. Opened 11 operating, 4 th Surgical Department, operating and resuscitation have modern equipment. In July 2006, the renovated building was opened by the President of the Republic of Belarus Lukashenko.

Since 2009 the main doctor of the hospital is SP Vyhristenko.

In December 2014 opened after reconstruction therapeutic hospital building , which housed a therapeutic , neurological and otorhinolaryngological department .

In 2015 the post of chief doctor of Vitebsk City Clinical Emergency Hospital appointed SV Lazar .

From the archives Nepokoychitskogo, Rybalko